You can use uMotif to keep note of medications you are taking (active) and those you’ve taken in the past (inactive).


You can view a video tutorial on how to set up medications and reminders here: medication and reminders run-through 

Add medication

To add a new medication, click on the plus (+) sign and enter the medication name. Check this is spelt correctly.

Next, add your normal dose and quantity by selecting the units from the dropdown boxes.


Add notes

You can add notes to your medication – e.g. why you take the medication. You can also add a photo, which will be shown on the reminder.


Create a reminder

Once you’ve added your medication, you can set up timed reminders.

Scroll down to ‘Reminders’ section and click through.  The standard dose is shown – this was entered when you set up the medication. You can adjust this dose for each of your reminders.

You must enter a new reminder for each time of day.  For example, if you take a medication at 9am, 2pm and 8pm you have to set up a reminder for each time – so three separate reminders.


Repeat reminders

You can set medication reminders to repeat every day, week or every four weeks. If you don’t select to repeat it, the reminder will only be given once.

You can set an end date for the reminders or have them repeat forever.


One off doses 

In some cases, you may take a one-off dose – e.g. for pain relief. You can enter a one-off dose for a specific medication. 

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