You can use uMotif to keep note of any tasks, including upcoming appointments or daily activities, like exercise or meditation.


Add a task

To add a new task, click on the plus (+) sign and enter the task name. Check this is spelt correctly.

For some tasks, you may wish to add an amount – e.g. the distance you’d like to run or how long you want to exercise. Some tasks won’t have an amount (e.g. a future appointment), so just leave this blank.


Add notes

You can add notes for any task. For example, you can add who an appointment is with or what type of exercise session to undertake. You can also add a photo for each task, which will be shown on the reminder.


Create a reminder

Once you’ve added your task, you can set up timed reminders.

Scroll down to the ‘Reminders’ section and click through. You need to enter individual reminders for each task. So, if you undertake a task at 9am and 8pm you have to set up two separate reminders.


Repeat reminders

Task reminders can be set to repeat every day, week or every four weeks. If no repeat is selected, the reminder will only be given once on the date chosen. 

You can set and end date for reminders, or have them repeat for forever.


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