You can record relevant readings for diabetes, including blood glucose, carbohydrates and insulin.

Video run-through on using the app for diabetes tracking

Enter data

You can enter one or more reading at a specific time. Click ‘add a reading’, then use the calendar at the top to select the relevant time. Data cannot be entered in the future. 

To ensure your health report is accurate, always double check that your entries are correct.


Blood glucose – enter a numeric value measured. Units can be changed in the setting section of your app.


Carbohydrates – record the number of grams of carbohydrates consumed.


Insulin – select your type of insulin and record the number of units you have taken.

NOTE: you must first enter your insulin medication into the ‘Medications’ module for it to be visible in the diabetes module. 

NOTE: each drug entry in the diabetes module will be recorded as a ‘One off dose’ for the selected medication.


Add notes

You can add notes to your readings by using the ‘Description/Notes’ box at the bottom. For example, you can record what you were doing, whether you were having a hypo/hyper or whether the readings are pre/post food.


View previous readings

You can view your previous readings in the ‘Feed’, ‘By Day’ or ‘By Month’ views. To edit or delete a reading, click on the reading, make your changes and then click the tick on the top right to saves your changes.

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