What are the risks, discomforts and inconveniences I may have to deal with?

The risks, discomforts, and inconveniences are minimal in this project.


This is an observation study not a treatment study and we do not expect any medical side effects from participating. However, if you choose to use the application to adhere to a medication regime you are less likely to miss medication doses when you are on the trial. This could lead to greater incidence of side effects from the medications you routinely take such as involuntary movements, feeling dizzy, nausea etc. This list of side effects is not exhaustive but if you have any symptoms that you did not experience earlier please call you clinical team and discuss how best you can manage it.


Some survey questions may make you feel uncomfortable.  Know that the information you provide is entirely up to you and you are free to skip questions that you do not want to answer.


Other people may glimpse the study notifications and/or reminders on your phone and realize you are enrolled in this study.  This can make some people feel self-conscious. You can avoid that by putting a passcode on your phone to block unauthorized users from accessing your phone content.


Be safe – just as you would not text while driving, do not fulfill study tasks while driving. Wait until you are in a safe place to perform tasks!


You may have concerns about data security, privacy and confidentiality.  We take great care to protect your information, however there is a slight risk of loss of confidentiality.  This is a low risk because we separate your personal information (information that can directly identify you, such as your name or email address) from the research data to respect your privacy.  However, even with removal of this information, it is sometimes possible to re-identify an individual given enough cross-referenced information about him or her. This risk, however, is very low.

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