How to Delete & Reinstall the uMotif Application (Apple / IOS)

1. Access your ‘uMotif’ application on your iPhone’s home screen
2. Hold down the ‘uMotif’ app with your finger until cross appears.
3. Press the ‘X’ button on top of the App to delete/uninstall.
4. Confirm you would like to delete the App.
5. uMotif App has successfully been uninstalled / deleted 
Reinstall the uMotif App
1. Locate and press the ‘App Store’
2. Press the ‘Search’ button at the bottom of the screen.
3. Type ‘uMotif’ into the search bar
4. uMotif home screen - Now press the download icon/button
5. Wait until the download has finshed 
6. Now go to your devices screen and locate the reinstalled uMotif application!
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